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Whether it’s true or not, you tend to think they’re lazy, not very smart, or a spammer.Don’t ruin your chances with a potential date right from the get-go by not rereading your work.The example we used earlier about avocados demonstrates well what we mean by mentioning something specific to them.If you don’t bring up something you saw in the person’s profile or photos, they may think that you’re just copying and pasting because that message could be about anyone in the world. Saw your skydiving pics — you seem like a fun, adventurous person. I’d love to get your advice for my upcoming skydiving trip.” See the difference?You want them to know that you spent time looking at their profile and photos, thought about the best thing to say, put in some real effort, have a fun personality, and are worth their time.

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Saying their name and asking a question only takes a second, and it can make a big difference.

You could say something as simple as: “Hey Amy, love your profile and photos!

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