Dating personality difference optimistic

"Online dating, more than anything, changes things because it's an infusion of technology into relationships," says Daniel Jones, editor of He's right, it's never simple—even with every well-planned algorithm at our fingertips.

Jones wrote in his book: "Love is for the sucker in us, not the skeptic." But as we fall further and further down the rabbit hole of profile pictures, mutual friends, and text conversations, how much is our internet persona messing with our real-life chemical attractions?

She continues, "There are four brain systems that are linked with personal traits: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen.

Each one of these biologically based traits naturally draws you to certain personality styles.

If you distinctly lean toward the Type A personality, it might be a good idea to mellow on your get-up-and-go attitude.

And if you lean predominantly towards the Type B personality, it may be good to learn some things from Type As.

The study revealed that a person with a Type A personality is more likely to be preoccupied with social status, accomplishment in life, and self-esteem. Well, this person is often domineering, impatient, and prone or quick to anger.

This personality type was found to be associated with the higher risk of developing heart ailments compared to the other type.

As online dating becomes more prevalent and our thumbs garner more action than our sparkling personalities, the debate about whether or not our romantic lives are suffering remains a topic of conversation.

"Pheromones are the essence of the person," suggests Kim Anami, a holistic sex and relationship expert and founder of Anami Alchemia.

"Musk, sexual hormones, and the personality and genetic makeup of someone all rolled into a scent." "They bring a level of chemistry and attraction between two individuals—that either make one sexy and enticing or not—on a level that is rarely understood," adds Kailen Rosenberg, the CEO and founder of The Lodge Social Club and The Love Architects.

And if they smell really good, they're going to turn you on—but these are not natural odors all the time.

"It's just whatever you wash your hands or hair with or certain things you put in the laundry.

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