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This is echoed in a split down the middle, with 47% of participants believing that some topics are private, while the other 53% claim that they share everything with their partner.These results establish that honesty and secrecy are not actually at odds with each other.The truth about keeping secrets in a relationship is also tied to trust.It’s widely accepted that sometimes we need to keep secrets.The insatiable curiosity to know the truths that others want to hide is evident.But would you want to know what your partner is keeping secret?However, secrets can also be a valued tool to foster closeness in partnership relationships, with 34% of men and women believing that sharing secrets with your partner is part of the intimacy in a relationship.The truth about how people perceive secrets bring to light, maybe not so surprisingly, that there is a space for secrets in a relationship.

Our survey revealed an interesting truth - although honesty is highly valued; there may just be a healthy space for keeping secrets in a relationship.

If you trust your partner, you can also trust that the secrets they keep from you are sometimes for the best of both of you.

That being said, 75% of people don’t keep secrets in their relationship, but a quarter (25%) said they do. Taking a closer look at some real relationship secrets, it’s easy to see that sometimes these truths could be exactly the kind of secret you would want your partner to keep!

Two-thirds of participants (66%) said that they would be accepting if their partner had kept a secret from them, saying that they would understand that there was a good reason to do so.

And a further 62% agreed that they would not break up with their partner if they found out that they had kept a major secret in the relationship.

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