Dating rickenbacker 4001 bass

Updating on the first edition released 2013, the new version adds 16 bonus pages with up-to-date information on the latest models plus more photos of artists and custom-built Rickenbacker basses. While a seven-string may be outlandish to some, he sent me some info on a special bass he modded to fill another role for his style.

After being inspired by John Mc Laughlin’s guitar work with Shakti, Everett turned his Rickenbacker...

I haven’t taken the scratch plate off or anything like that. Thanks Sometimes you can find the serial number in the control cavity.

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The five-string bass, which has not been offered for over a decade, has been updated with a slightly wider string spacing, a Schaller 3D-5 bridge, and a new single coil pickup design.

Sunburst models from the period fetch ,000 to ,000. With only four extant, this model would be the ultimate four-string in the Velvet Goldmine.

England’s Tony Zemaitis hand-made his electric guitars for many years, but built very few basses, mostly for U. Arguably Gibson’s greatest bass, the two-pickup, “reverse-body” Thunderbird IV, with its neck-through design, combines style and function like few others.

With a production run painfully short at less than two years, it could be ordered in any of 10 flashy colors and is the ultimate Gibson four-string (sunburst models from the same period go for ,000 to ,000).

Originally offered in any color – as long as it was blond(!

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