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The ceremony is of great importance in the Balinese culture and is a significant in the passage from puberty to adulthood.

This ritual is for both males and females and must be completed before marriage; it is sometimes incorporated into the marriage ceremony.

Every religion has ceremonies and practices that mark life’s milestones: Birth, marriage, the transition to adulthood, and death, many of which may sound unusual to non-practitioners.

Sometime people practice some rituals which are adopted as a part of religion, sometime they practice cultural traditions which seems bizarre to others.

His people then drinks the plantain soup consisting of the dead person’s ash and bone.See also; 10 Most Bizarre Funeral Traditions in the World.One of the biggest Hindu religious ceremonies, Tooth Filling.They believe that by ingesting the remains of a love one, his spirit will live within them forever.Every body must be cremated, because the Yanomami think that leaving a dead body to decay is horrifying.

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