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Dancing is the language of love, after all, and nothing else quite gets you out of your comfort zone. Whether you attended college in Boston or not, universities from all over the country have alumni associations in various cities to bring classmates far and wide together again (or to stalk you for donations).

Reconnect with your alma mater and you might find yourself at an alumni event reigniting an old flame or finally gathering up the courage to talk to an unrequited love.

Escape with a loved one to the Boston Harbor where you will valet park before heading upstairs to sip on champagne, enjoy chocolate covered strawberries, and take in views of either the skyline or water from your room.

In the morning, wake up refreshed and enjoy a full American breakfast for two at Rowes Wharf. Reservations must be made in advance: Call (617) 439-7000 or Toll-Free (800) 752-7077.

And though the cheap counter-service Mexican grub at Felipe’s Taqueria doesn’t scream, “,” you can definitely expect sweet words to be slurred while sharing margaritas on its unexpectedly awesome third-floor rooftop bar.

Finally, for dinner-and-show double features, hit up the Sinclair, a restaurant-cum-rock hall that serves highbrow-hipster eats in one room and a nightly lineup of impressive indie bands in the other.

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Dining-wise, Harvard Square’s strongest selling point is its high-low mix.

On the other hand, no matter the sexual preference, most single women face the challenge of finding time as a high-achieving professional in a city crawling with other equally as busy singles.

Plus, who even dares to step out of their house in the wintertime after work when the sun sets at 4 pm?

And the city’s high-living costs, including expensive cocktails and often outlandish restaurant checks, can be a deterrent for some. We’ve rounded up six ways—besides surfing dating apps and hanging out in bars—to meet other Boston singles the old-fashioned way. Between work, family, and personal life, your schedule may be fully booked and your weekly workouts are not something you are willing to give up to make time for meeting new people. Consider killing two birds with one stone by exercising in a group setting.

Instead of your usual solo workout, the options for group fitness in Boston are endless, whether your exercise routine includes yoga, HIIT, or cycling.

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