Dating russia 2016

But even if they did that, that still wouldn’t necessarily have affected the election.

It’s the counties that upload voter information to the state, not vice versa.

The Russian campaign hit 39 states — twice as many as originally reported — and in one case hackers tried to delete and alter voter data.

That’s the startling revelation from a Bloomberg report this morning.

That means future elections, including ones next year, run the risk of being tainted.

The hack into Illinois’s election system is the one we know the most about.

Ken Menzel, who serves as general counsel for the Illinois state board of elections, told Bloomberg that a part-time contractor for the state board of elections noticed unauthorized data leaving the network.

That data contained the personal information of around 15 million people, including names, birthdays, genders, and partial Social Security numbers.

Russia, of course, denies having anything to do with the hackers that pulled this off.

It was a huge coup for the Russians, as around half of those 15 million were active voters.

Apparently, the cyber intruders aimed to delete or alter voter data they got a hold of.

Jones, an elections expert at the University of Iowa, said in an interview.

In effect, Russia didn’t need an “inside man” for this — Americans make this information obtainable for elite hackers by putting all of this critical information on the internet.

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