Dating scams sent flowers

A: Most cases I have worked with in the investigations stage do not make it to a criminal filing because usually the imposter online scammer is someone from overseas, such as Costa Rica, Nigeria or Jamaica. Local authorities are not the proper agency to investigate.It is extremely difficult to truly identify the international scammer, and even if so, next to impossible to effectuate an out-of-country arrest.And potential victims are lining up for many of these cons: 20% percent of the "swindler" profiles received at least 70 message before being deleted.Because the "flower basket" scam is so culturally specific, it may be tempting to isolate it as a Chinese phenomenon. While the cultural particulars of online dating scams may change, the social and emotional forces at play are universal.While the pricey restaurant scam mostly targets men, the so-called "swindler" scams more often take advantage of unsuspecting women.For example, in the fascinating "flower basket" con, a profile representing an "attractive mid-aged man" contacts a middle-aged woman and, over time, develops an entirely online romantic relationship with her.

The grifter directs his victim to a local florist — who he knows — and then they share the profit.

Ask a single American city-dweller about deception in the world of online dating and you'll hear a litany of familiar, if not particularly serious, complaints: exaggerated heights, photos so flattering they border on fantasy, and horndog men who overstate their desire to settle down.

Ask their Chinese counterpart, and you're likely to hear a much wilder story.

ABC7 I-Team Consumer Reporter Jason Knowles called the phone numbers Bockus had for "Richard" but he didn't answer."Oh it's ruined my life, I have no retirement left," says Bockus. You can run reverse image searches on these pictures to see if the same pictures are being used online.

She said she reported the thief to police and the FBI, after she broke the life-changing news to her family, who have been there for her during this difficult time. She's going to live at family friend's condo in Florida for now. If you feel a connection with someone online, they should be willing to video chat or meet in a safe, public place.

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