Dating shiny brite ornaments

Luckily for any collector, Shiny Brites were sold in divided cardboard boxes that held up pretty well over the years.

One of my favorite things about the box is the image of Santa shaking hands with Uncle Sam, emphasizing the fact that they were indeed American Made. I’m pretty certain the German-made ornaments didn’t have that on their box.

When I was a kid, my parents (being antique dealers) always had a hodge podge of different antique decorations for the holidays.

Tiny plastic choir boys, a somewhat weary looking elf, a flapper styled angel, and an abundance of colourful metallic glass bulbs adorned our tree.

Shiny Brites were proudly made in the USA (a selling point during WWII as previous to this many glass ornaments were imported from Germany).

dating shiny brite ornaments-76

Shiny Brite ornaments were created by American businessman Max Eckardt in 1937.Many collectors consider this to be the low point of the Shiny Brite name. Mr Radko purchased the name in 1998 and brought the beauty back to Shiny Brites.It’s still VERY likely to find complete boxes of the vintage glass gems at garage/yard sales, but e Bay and Etsy are both excellent sources for sourcing them year round……I do.Sometimes the glass was tinted colors, or a piece of tinsel inserted, but they usually just had hand-painted stripes on the outside.(Image via ) Metal caps and rings were standard with early Shiny Brites, but during the war, these caps were replaced with a cardboard tab for a string to hang the ornament.

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