Dating someone who has had an abortion

"It's part of a generational shift." Amanda Kifferly sees the change in her waiting rooms every day as the director of patient advocacy for The Women's Center, which runs clinics in four states."These men care deeply about the women getting an abortion," she says.So a girl should choose to keep the kid and to be less concerned about education, a good job, finding a good man for relationship/marriage who has to be also a proper father/husband and eventually end up like many single mothers? LOL @ all the phaggots saying they wouldn't date because she shouldn't have sex if she's not peppered to have a baby. It's in no way a good thing and morally I'm against it but I wasn't part of it a woman who has a kid and didn't have an abortion = you see the result (sperm) of another guy before you and you have to put with it without having a direct responsability for it dating a woman who had an abortion = you don't see this result, more freedom, less trouble and it's better for both of you I'll choose number 2 any time One abortion? But if she gets pregnant, then it has to be her call. Birth-control hormones make me feel terrible, so we used condoms. But then I just started getting a feeling that March and thought, I'm just gonna try a pregnancy test.

Chris wanted to talk about it, but more often, we just fought.Peek behind the doors of your local women's health clinic and you might see something surprising: men."Men are much more involved in decisions involving birth control and pregnancy as well as termination these days," says Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.I felt the experience was more mine than his or ours, because I had to go through the physical experience as well as the emotional one. I cried a lot and made my friends uncomfortable because I'd get drunk and talk about the abortion.One friend actually said, "You need help." I went to therapy, but they just wanted to talk about my parents.

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