Dating someone who is a quadrepelegic Webcam live six

We want to spend our lives together and he has been so gentle in pushing me forward to help me understand that he loves me, all of me, and all that that entails.

He has shown me such kindness and love, which I did not think existed.

With respect to taking care of me, most aspects are not very sexy but need to be addressed.

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My definition of intimacy throughout my life definitely erred towards the side of sexuality.With that said, when you are working with a caregiver you can teach them how you like to do things in a very specific way, time, and on your schedule.Leaving my super “SCI” mom, as I call her, out of the equation for a moment because she would do and does absolutely everything for me — anyone else offering to help take care of you whether that be a friend, boyfriend, or family member who does not get paid to help you, but rather helps you out of love, well, the dynamic is completely different.Over the course of several days we did not fight but rather got into small little arguments about how to do things, when to do them, and timing over how to do them.Fortunately, we are the type of couple that kisses and makes up five minutes later, but there were definitely some frustrations that lingered with respect to my healthcare.

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