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While you have done more damage to it, which increases the emotional distance, you probably have not “blown it.” As long as you and your spouse still have regular contact you can start to rebuild a bridge between the two of you.This is done gradually, using good connection skills.This is because we set the stage for that before the separation happened.Even when the separation went badly, it is often possible to get the connection going again, although it takes more time (because there is typically less communication). If you have been stressing your spouse out, then stopping contact will help your spouse to relax–preventing your relationship from becoming worse.If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be giving evidence that your partner may be at least partially right about you not being a suitable partner.The best partners take care of themselves and are loving, but not needy. If you feel like you “have to” reconcile to be happy, then you are being too needy and you need to work on overcoming your neediness.On the other hand, if you can understand why your spouse may have been drawn into an affair, considering the problems that existed in your relationship, reconciling may be the start of a great new relationship for you and your spouse.It’s never too late or too early to work on having a better relationship.

Most couples have had at least a temporary separation in their marriage or relationship.Separation creates new opportunities for openness and connection.Working on the , the emotional connection, rather than focusing on trying to convince, gives you the best chance of saving your marriage.Are you wondering if you will be able to reconcile? If you stress your spouse out right up until the day you separate, then your relationship may well be over because he or she won’t want to have any more contact with you. What if you’ve already tried to reconcile and it went badly? Coach Jack answers common questions about reconciling.

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