Dating stronger women copyright dating

It’s supposed to be fun and exciting, but for the most part, dating induces anxiety and fear into a lot of people.And it’s no wonder: the whole notion of dating is flawed.She dives right in and knows her target long before she has even hit the water.This means that she has been hurt before and knows what to look for in a guy.

She does not waste her time in any dead-end relationship.– She is not looking for a relationship to save her She learned as a kid that nobody would come to save her – she had to save herself. In a relationship, she doesn’t see you as a way to cure herself of loneliness or to become more emotionally or financially stable.She doesn’t have any ulterior motive to being with you. You do not have to earn a lot of money to keep her satisfied.They’re independent women who can take care of themselves.They’ve never known what it is like to need anybody, as they had to fend for themselves at a young age.

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