Dating thick women

Thick black women face their own challenges online, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives.

While it can be hard to know if a potential date is into the thick look, online they’ll let you know right away that they like what you have.

There's no need to act fake and pretend like you met Jay Z, or engage in other racial micro aggressions like blaring rap music or getting gold teeth.

Unless you grew up in the projects or a pretty decrepit hood, you might get laughed at and rejected.

Things have drastically changed with online dating however and now the problem has much more to do with the overwhelming amount of choices you do have.·Harassment All people have the potential to be harassed online, but certain factors like being a woman, black and plus-sized will drastically increase the likelihood.It can be disheartening when you receive insults and sometimes even threats from men online, but remember that they are doing this for a reaction.She’s also a seasoned vet of dating as a plus woman — as well as navigating a long-term relationship (she and her partner recently welcomed their first child; for the baby pics alone, you should check out her Instagram).With her guidance I’ve put together a list of reminders to bear in mind when diving into dating, whether you’re new and nervous or experienced and tired of the BS.

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