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These were the news articles that made it into the world media because of the debate and concern they produced among an international audience.

We do not have to look far to see the discrimination and violence that women encounter in their everyday lives.

It exists everywhere, regardless of caste, class, age, race and religion.

Let us look at some facts and figures from four South Asian countries: Two of these have Hindu-majority populations (Nepal and India) and two of the others are Muslim majority (Afghanistan and Bangladesh).

It shows the increment in such crimes compared to past decades.

It might be the result of many social transformations leading to different crises and the rise in criminal activities, however, we should also not forget that the increased number might also be because of the better track of records and filed complaints.

I do not find much difference in the patriarchal mindset of the people in both these places.It keeps happening because women are still looked at as a burden and property that needs to be taken care of, the ownership of which is transferred from father to husband.In this sense, dowry becomes a justifiable means to claim money or property as a charge for taking care or responsibility for a woman.People still doubt that women can do anything better than a man can—as my friend says: “Men and women can never be equal.” They not only question women’s physical ability, but also express doubt whether women can be equally intelligent.Similarly, I have met men for whom domestic violence is important to keep women “on track.” Conducting a survey of news on women in general news websites provides us a glimpse of the high rate of violence against women.

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