Dating violence in oklahoma

" Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said.

Women who have been through it find it hard to believe, especially knowing what they went through."I'll never forget the feeling of my body getting weak and screaming trying to fight him off," a domestic violence survivor said.

She still has nightmares about it."Whether it would be pushing me down, getting me on my back, one hand around my throat and the other covering my mouth, because I would be screaming for help, trying to quiet me or over my nose and mouth so there was no breathing," she said.

The woman said the abuse could happen because her boyfriend did not like what she cooked for dinner or because she took an extra 15 minutes at the grocery store.

We are not identifying the woman for her safety and because she has a pending case against her ex-boyfriend.

Oklahoma has adopted what is effectively a zero-tolerance policy regarding domestic violence charges that result in a conviction.

A domestic violence protection order will be granted in your case if the judge determines that domestic violence has occurred and will likely occur in the future unless a protective order is in place.

The safety and well-being of the child, also called the best interests of the child, is the primary consideration in any child custody case.

Domestic violence may alter which parent receives custody of the child.

If one parent has a history of violence, that parent may have restrictions placed visitation rights.

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