Dating violence risk factors

According to the National Statistics Institute, in 2015, women who were victims of IPV and made use of precautionary measures or protection orders were a total of 27.624, 2% more compared to the year before (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, INE, 2015).In Spain, the annual crime recidivism prevalence rate is between 9 and 17%.Risk indicators such as age, high levels of stress, and indicators related to general violence and crime are very present in analyzed studies, being considered traditional indicators, and finding more peripheral ones such as the exposition to family violence and childhood abuse, which are moderately associated with IPV.Maintaining antisocial behavior at a young age is shown to be a potent precursor of violence against women during adulthood (Woodward, Fergusson, & Horwood, 2002).From an evolutionary standpoint, the rise in age shows evidence in favor of protection, as is typical of criminal trajectories (Garrido, Strangeland, & Redondo, 2006).Suicidal ideas are also a good predictor of violence in longitudinal studies (Kerr & Capaldi, 2011).Practical implications for future police risk assessments are discussed.: Algunos profesionales, como los policías, tienen la obligación de actuar para prevenir comportamientos violentos, como en la violencia contra la pareja (VCP).Para ello se ayudan de herramientas actuariales diseñadas para estimar el riesgo de ocurrencia de nueva violencia después de una denuncia previa (reincidencia en el ámbito policial), atendiendo a aquellos indicadores de riesgo y de protección que estén a su alcance al no ser expertos en evaluación de conductas.

For this task they use actuarial tools designed to estimate the risk of occurrence of further violence after a previous complaint (police recidivism), taking into account risk and protective indicators which they can observe, in spite of they are not behavioral assessment experts.Se discuten las implicaciones prácticas para futuras valoraciones policiales de riesgo.Violence against women within partner relationships has been awakening tremendous social sensibility, and is now considered a public health issue.A risk or protection indicator can be anything that occurs before a result and which correlates with it, without necessarily implying that the indicator and the result have a cause-effect relationship (Skeem & Monahan, 2011).Violence risk factors are those which increase the probabilities of a behavior taking place (which doesn’t mean they have to be determining), and can be of the historical type (static, difficult to modify) or the dynamic type (can be modified).

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