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The sooner we all establish if we can work together as a trio the better.It is not fair to continually pack my son off to a babysitter so I can date solo.You don’t need to mix the two and anyone who does is just lazy and selfish.Do everyone a favour, be a good mum and say they are your friend.But when do most people introduce their kids to their new partners? I refuse to follow the unwritten rule that a mother’s children and potential new squeeze should be kept separated.

Should kids’ clothes be labelled for boys or girls?

Anyone who adds a child into that emotional gamble needs to really have a word with themselves.

Your kids are seeing everything for the first time, and a revolving door of partners doesn’t set the ideal foundation for the concept of a loving, stable relationship.

Freddy never saw his short fuse so all he did was miss him and ask where he was.

I knew then I'd made a big mistake and I wouldn't be trusting myself again.

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