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; window.__PREFETCH_DATA = window.__APP_Data; window.__APOLLO_STATE = {"Article:5d1cbd42a25a2d0008e43448":{"id":"5d1cbd42a25a2d0008e43448","body":"\u003Cp\u003E“I guess it’s similar to \u003Ci\u003E \u003Ca href=\"https:\u002F\u002com\u002Fen_uk\u002Ftopic\u002Flove-island\" target=\"_blank\"\u003ELove Island\u003C\u002Fa\u003E\u003C\u002Fi\u003E in the sense that words pass from person to person insanely quick,” says Simon, a 20-year-old who lives in Lerwick, the Shetland Islands’s only town.He and my grandmother were married for over 60 years until he died, and he always said she was the most precious and important part of his life.The way he treated her – with respect, kindness and gratitude – has really shaped the way I conduct myself in all my relationships – particularly with women.But considering the average \u003Ca href=\"https:\u002F\\u002Fdoi\u002F10.1098\u002Frspb.2018.1319\" target=\"_blank\"\u003Ehuman can recognise 5,000 faces\u003C\u002Fa\u003E, you’re likely to remember -- and, in \u003Ci\u003E Love Island\u003C\u002Fi\u003E lingo, “get to know” -- everyone on your island, very very quickly.\u003C\u002Fp\u003E \u003Cp\u003ETabitha from Guernsey, an island with a population of approximately 60,000, is all too aware of this phenomenon.

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While playing darts on Fair Isle, a group of eight contractors arrived to work on a winter construction project. “We started seeing each other late in the evenings, after his work, going on walks, texting; normal dating.” After his contract ended, he decided to stay.“When there’s only six people under 40 at a party you do just get to know each other.When I made the decision of moving to Fair Isle, I was a bit apprehensive.“Whenever I meet someone at uni who says ‘Oh I know someone from Guernsey!’, it goes one of two ways: I know them or they actually meant they know someone from Jersey.” And if it’s someone new, you’ll still know one of their mates: “Even if you’ve never heard of them before, your friends will all have different stories to tell of things that person’s done and who they used to date.

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