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THE HOLOGRAPHIC DIMENSION OF COACHING CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTSIn general, formal contracts can help set a form or a frame, objectives and limits, to all facets of human activity, whether these be personal or professional.

Professionals almost indifferently use that skill on several distinct levels.Normally, these adjustments respect the main direction of the original contract, and redirect the coaching work in more concrete or practical emerging dimensions that were until then unpredictable.Consequently, after a general formal contract is established and as soon as the coaching process actually starts with a series of meetings, the use for a second "contracting" process emerges, within a more operational and immediate dimension.These different levels of contracting continuously support and reinforce each other.As a result, to successfully implement a coaching process it is useful to distinguish and know how to establish contracts and agreements with clients in the following dimensions : As a coaching process unfolds, all these different contracting levels mesh, intertwine and support each other, some over several months, others, over several days, hours or minutes.

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