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And she's going to have to deal with Andy Cohen on that.headed on down to Jamaica this season, the feud brewing between Kenya Michaels and Kim Fields reached a near fever pitch thanks to Kenya's pettiness over Cynthia Bailey's commercial shoot—and it also took on some collateral damage.

You'll recall the evening spent around the pool when Kenya made some serious allegations about Kim's husband Christopher Morgan's sexuality, only brave enough to do so with her enemy far away in her hotel room, preparing for the morning's commercial shoot.

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What I mean by the true repercussions of it is, the man who's your boss, you just labeled as weak or inept or unable or lesser than.You've not only lived through all this, but you've then had to watch it back on TV and relive it all over again.We have a very funny banter and sometimes when you're just living it, you can take it for granted.There is no one in the industry that calls me anything other than my name, especially to my face.And I think that's pretty thoughtless and stupid, if you ask me, honestly.

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