David m39s insider internet dating system review

I would be very careful I definitely will NOT be adding this app now.

The Honey App, found online at Join Honey.com, is a new browser plugin extension which says their goal is to ensure that their members “never miss a coupon code, ever again.” According to their website, the Honey App is a new service that “makes it ridiculously easy to save money and time.” Their job is to automatically find the best coupon codes for the website when you are currently shopping and then apply them to your order when you check out.

Well, the Experience Specilitist of join I chat with, talked like a Used Car Salesmen, refused to honor the offer.

I have had my email address released to a member on the site who then mailed me. They come on site and see what kind of mess it is, leave and never come back.

The transaction pending for a while on join after the purchase waiting to be verify.

So I figured like Ebates, join will send a check to me.

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