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She leads Microsoft Research Outreach efforts at Data Science Institutions in US universities.

She co-chaired KDD Cup 2013 and partners with many academic and government agencies including NSF supported Big Data Innovation hub effort, a consortia coordinated by top US data scientists and expected to advance data-driven innovation nationally in the US.

She is currently leading the project, a cloud based open data repository.

Ilaria Vanni is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Contrapuntal insofar as it is not directly oppositional preferring to reframe and reorientate everyday practices.

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Building on feminist scholarship about race and diversity, the article reflects on how relational practices like collective biography create both inclusions and exclusions.The apparent marginalization of feminist and feminine ways of being, thinking, and feeling in academia is examined through close readings of three narrative vignettes, which are based on memories of the everyday academic spaces of meetings, workshops, and mentoring.These stories explore moments of the breaking of ties among women and between men and women, as well as document how feminist relationalities can bind and exclude.As a teacher, she specialises in the development of place-based methodologies in the context of international and transcultural engagement and in research design.She is interested to supervise HDR projects on design/visual/material culture and: civic ecologies, urban greening and environmental stewardship; urban activism; transculturation.

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