Dealing online dating rejection dynamic lookup cache not updating

The idea is that there are thousands and thousands of reasons that they could be saying no. If that weren’t the case, we would all wear the same clothes because we had identical likes and dislikes.You may think they are rejecting you, but most of the time they are just rejecting the situation which has nothing to do with you. When we go to pick out a new shirt and see one we don’t like, should the designer get offended? The fact that we don’t is what makes this world beautiful. The quicker that you can do this, the easier it will be to deal with.If there is an area where rejection is worse, though, it would be the world of dating.It always stings a bit more and feels far more personal than some other situations.

The list of benefits goes on, but unfortunately, online dating doesn’t come totally without consequence.

With that being said, ask yourself if your expectations of this person are reality-based. Live in the moment and have realistic expectations.

Do you have expectations that you will be in a relationship five years from now? Take each unmet expectation as an opportunity to learn from it.

If you’re a normal human being with a pulse, you probably do. Majority of the time that someone turns you down for a date, it has little to nothing to do with you.

Sometimes they’ve had a bad day, sometimes they don’t feel like talking to someone, sometimes they’re already talking to someone, sometimes, they’re not in the mood…this is just a preliminary list of reasons that someone may not be responding to your messages or may not be interested in getting to know you better.

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