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For knowing about alternative accommodation for tourist please visit following links Hotels, motels and resorts are an important part of the tourism industry.

There are various grades of hotels which are classified as one star to five stars, on the basis of facilities available at the hotels.

The facilities which are provided by the five star are an information desk, conference centre, travel desk, multi cuisine restaurants, banquet halls, room service, swimming pool, gymnasium, health clubs, shopping arcades, beauty parlours, entertainment or cultural programmes, etc.

5 Star Hotel: Taj Palace, Mumbai They are located on highways and expressways.

The tourists who are on transient mode and cost conscious prefer to stay in these kinds of accommodation.

These motels not only provide parking space but also certain amenities such as television, restaurants swimming pool, etc.

(See: guarantor)(Adjustment), noun accordance, adaptation, agreement, arrangement, compositio, composition of differences, compromise, friendly agreement, mutual understanding, obliging, provision, readjustment, reconciliatio, rectification, settlement(Backing), noun assistance, championing, cooperation, endorsement, guarantee, seconding, security, sponsorship, succor, support, surety Associated concepts: accommodated endorser, accommooated party, accommodated payee, accommodation acceptance, accommodation bill, accommodation endorseeent, accommodation guarantor, accommodation maker, accommodation note, accommodation paper, accommodaaion signer, cautio fidejussoria See also: accord, accordance, adjustment, advance, advancement, advantage, agreement, aid, amenity, arrangement, assistance, benefit, betterment, comity, compact, compatibility, compliance, conciliation, condonation, conformity, consideration, consortium, dispensation, favor, help, latitude, loan, lodging, provision, recompense, relief, scope, service, settlement, space, support, understanding ACCOMMODATION, contracts.Common washrooms, vending machines, and a lounge area are located on each floor.Facilities such as a bed, a television, flexible lighting, a box for valuables, etc. These are the old properties like castles, forts, palaces, and havelis belonging to royalty which have been renovated and converted into hotels.Accommodation is one of the basic needs for any tourism activity.Travelers and tourists need lodging for rest, while they are on a tour.

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