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in the standings and looked like an absolute non-factor.

At the same time, longtime girlfriend Sherry Pollex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Truex struggled to balance his personal and professional life. Furniture Row blossomed with new crew chief Cole Pearn, and Truex opened the season with top-10 finishes in 14 of the first 15 races – including a stirring victory at Pocono Raceway in June.

That’s as simple as it is.” On whether he might race again someday: “I do miss driving the cars, and I have a feeling something will come up that will be really fun and natural to go do, and I’ll get to drive a little more.

But I’m definitely not going to sign a three-year contract to go run for a Cup championship.” Edwards said he had a couple conversations with NASCAR team owners about returning, but “none in the last year or so.” He added: “I think everyone understands I’m not really interested in coming back and doing anything too serious right now.

They are more worthless than the losing team’s Super Bowl merchandise.

But I thought you might get a kick out of scanning through them, so here they are.

I don’t have a plan.” On why he doesn’t pay attention to NASCAR: “I’ve been so invested in it and I’ve been so close to it that I don’t think I can follow it without wanting to participate. I try not to pay too much attention, is the best way to put it.” But Edwards did say he gets asked about the races when he runs into people on the street, so he’s somewhat aware of what’s going on.

Obviously, three-quarters of the columns were never published/posted because they were about events that did not occur.It’s been off my radar for a long time.” Edwards added he enjoyed places like Sonoma for road racing and enjoyed Homestead and Atlanta due to the feeling of sliding around, which is why he might like to test on a road course or race something on dirt.Said Edwards, 39: “I don’t know how I’ll feel in a year or two.“The real gift of racing to me was the day-in, day-out effort and the teamwork and the learning. Yeah, it didn’t turn out great, but that was the best I’d performed in a race car and the best team I ever had.It was just neat.” Since leaving NASCAR, Edwards has split his time between traveling the world — including two sailing trips across the Atlantic Ocean and a bicycle trip from Amsterdam to Cologne, Germany — and spending more time at home with his family and friends.

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