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In this post, I am going to talk a little bit about my story […] My name is Lindsay.I am a teacher, graduate student, and outdoor enthusiast!You then go back up to the vet to get the ok to take the dogs. It’s remarkably simple and everyone is very helpful.They will then send you back to DNATA to get the number of the loading bay. So it’s been a busy week for the dogs – even if they didn’t really do a lot.

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So here is how I went about getting the correct documents (July 2015) for the import of dogs to UAE (I will write about exporting pets from Kazakhstan in a separate post).Don’t go too early as it takes about 1 hour after they land to get to the Freezone. You will then be sent to DNATA to pay handling fees (the office is almost next door to the vets office).They will give you a piece of paper to take to customs (customs are in the building next door – 2 minutes walk away).You will pay a fee to someone sitting at a counter on the left hand side.They will then send you to another counter to get a stamp.

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