Did michelle williams dating ryan gosling dooce and cami dating

Williams was 21 when she received the script in 2002 and Gosling committed to the production four years later, but filming did not begin until 2009, when Williams was 28 (as was Gosling), owing to Cianfrance's inability to find financing.The director was also unable to film the "young" and "older" scenes several years apart as he had hoped, again due to lack of money.When asked about their relationship status, Gosling and Williams smiled and giggled, before Gosling put his arm around Williams and said "No".

Williams wanted to stay close to her Brooklyn home to take care of her daughter, Matilda (after the passing of Heath Ledger the year prior), so the director chose Honesdale due to its proximity to Brooklyn.After Dean reminds Cindy of their wedding vows, they hug and apologize. Dean is seen walking away from the house while Frankie runs after him.Dean tells Frankie to go back to her mom despite Frankie begging him to stay.The two looked like they could barely keep their hands off each other! , danced around the question of whether or not they were together.

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