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This story is another in our six-part series called “Dating After 50” and we will be featuring more pieces on subjects relative to dating and relationships throughout the summer. Barbara Allen had been on the site for two years, an experience that had prompted her to pare down her profile.After six months of coffee dates with women he met through an online dating site, Dave Prochniak was ready to give up. I thought, the hell with it, I’ll just be single and work on my garden,” said Prochniak, 55. “I’d been a stay-at-home mom and I saw how that freaked guys out so I disappeared for a while, then turned my profile back on to try again,” said Allen, 55. Paul, Minn., texted, then talked, and then Prochniak invited Allen to meet him at a coffee shop where he was hanging canvases for a show of his paintings.Editor’s Note: In April, we asked Next Avenue readers to submit their questions about dating and relationships after 50.We received many thoughtful inquiries that touched on a wide range of topics.

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Questions come out more naturally, and you catch glimpses of the other person’s character.While I can’t speak for everyone, prioritizing the following really helped me get a sense of where things were headed when I was dating my husband.My mom used to tell the story of going ice-skating with a group of college friends.Her boyfriend took himself very seriously in their friendly game of hockey, getting upset when a play didn’t go right.Her friend Joe was still learning to skate, but was just out on the ice having fun, laughing it off when he fell.

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