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and rebranded 'Yahoo Widgets' and made available for free. Voices distributes a large variety of writing through its website and content partners, including Yahoo! Closed July 31, 2014Koprol, since called Yahoo Koprol, is an Indonesian social networking service, allowing users to connect based on location.

Yahoo Photos was a photo sharing service similar to Flickr, which Yahoo acquired.

Yahoo Assistant blocks pop-ups and removes Internet history information. It was a human-edited directory, and cost 9 (USD) to "suggest" a site be included.

However, it is regarded as spyware or malware by Microsoft Anti Spyware, Panda Anti Virus and similar security programs. Directory was a web directory which at one time rivaled DMOZ in size. Yahoo Games allows users to play games, such as chess, billiards, checkers and backgammon, against each other.

The underlying technology was based on Microsoft's Windows Media Player and was similar to other competing media players such as Music Match or Winamp.

Yahoo Podcasts was a beta service that allows users to search for and view podcasts. Video) was a video sharing website on which users could upload and share videos. Video began as an internet-wide video search engine and added the ability to upload and share video clips in June 2006.

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