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But different isotopes have different numbers of neutrons.C12 has 6 neutrons, C13 has 7 neutrons, and C14 has 8 neutrons.[2] It's the C14 nuclei that decay relatively quickly.The ratio between these isotopes begins to change after a plant or animal dies[2]. So the length of time since the plant or animal died is determined by measuring the relative concentrations of the isotopes[3]. Carbon dating only works back about 50,000 years because, for older samples, there's not enough C14 for accurate measurements.Yes, there are a lot of details and sources of variation, like different isotope ratios in different places and at different times in the past.Welcome to the K12 section of the Radiocarbon WEBinfo site.

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He and two students first measured the "half-life" of radiocarbon.I have tried here to answer some of the frequently asked questions that I receive from students via email, as well as providing some basic information about scientific dating methods."Everything which has come down to us from heathendom is wrapped in a thick fog; it belongs to a space of time we cannot measure.In the 1940s, scientists succeeded in finding out how long it takes for radiocarbon to disappear, or decay, from a sample of carbon from a dead plant or animal.Willard Libby, the principal scientist, had worked in the team making the nuclear bomb during World War 2, so he was an expert in nuclear and atomic chemistry.

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