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D/s-M stands out as a lifestyle that focusses on mindfulness as well as sustainability.The lifestyle is built squarely on the foundations of Love, Trust, Respect, Honesty, Communication and and I created our D/s-M society’s for the couple that may not fit properly into the stereotypical singles D/s communities.

Both partners must stay engaged and growing in their roles.We are developing a Pre-Membership frequently asked questions page.This page should answer the most common concerns and questions regarding joining the world’s #1 rated society of elite submissives.The blog posts have been written by Little Kaninchen and reflect her personal journey and knowledge regarding the Married Dominance and submission lifestyle.In these posts you will get to know not only about her submission but her in general.

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    Remember, in order to be a victim like that, you have to do something. When I flew out here, I run into Chrissy’s best friend. But, what’s weird about this situation, Chrissy never denied the allegations, if you watch the clip she does say to Jim that his mom brought up, “that situation,” to Rene but that’s all we get.

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