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The guitarist she had with her was crazy talented.. They both came back out after Suzanne finished and did Barely Breathing and Tom's Diner.All in all, a really nice relaxing concert with superb music and great singers.I love him, and I was very disappointed to not hear more Duncan.I am not sure if it because the place was only half-filled...?

fantastic Saban Theatre - Beverly Hills A really intimate, great show from Duncan and Suzanne.Template: Multiple issues Duncan Sheik (born November 18, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and composer.Initially finding success as a singer, most notably for his 1996 debut single "Barely Breathing", he later expanded to compositions for motion pictures and the Broadway stage, such as the successful musical, Spring Awakening.Disappointed, wrong info from Saban Theater Saban Theatre - Beverly Hills We called Saban Theater to ask when Duncan was starting his set.We were told Vega was opening at 8pm for 1 hour, then Sheik closing.

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