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I need to have this picture (the word cloud image which changes, when my macro is currently run) displaying and changing each time a new word cloud image has been created (the generation of the tagcloud/wordcloud whatever you prefer to call it has already been taken care of generating a picture file which needs to be displayed).Thank you so much for reading, any advice on how to display this picture would be greatly appreciated.

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If the first Property Control has “Quarter” selected, the second Property Control should show “Quarter” and “Month”.The file name can stay the same if need be and for now I think/assume that'd be easiest (I have my Tag cloud generator just replacing the previously existing image file of the same name).Would Active X control be the way to go for this dynamically changing image?If not how would you recommend I try and tackle this.Please let me know if I've not been clear and much thanks in advance!

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