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Meanwhile, Kelsi writes a song for Troy and the gang to sing at the Midsummer Night's Talent Show ("You Are the Music in Me").

Still scheming, Sharpay makes Troy her golf caddy and uses a college scholarship that her father controls to lure Troy into singing with her in the talent show.

Sharpay then gives Ryan's part to Troy and reminds him of his promise to sing with her. Sharpay convinces Kelsi to rework her song and Troy to sing it with her and the Sharpettes ("You Are the Music in Me – Rock Version").

Since Sharpay's dad set Troy up to practice with the college basketball team, Troy misses the staff baseball game and leaves his friends stranded.

At the talent show, Troy realizes his mistakes and refuses to sing with Sharpay.Our full-time Sydney based support team are on standby to help provide our members with a safe and secure online dating experience.In the last class of the school year, the East High Wildcats can barely contain their excitement ("What Time Is It").Sharpay explodes, but Fulton puts her in her place.Troy apologizes to Chad and Ryan, who suggests he still sing with Sharpay as punishment.

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