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Dealing with this issue early on can help to prevent problems, including legal ones, at a later time.

Consider talking to your children about the issues as they come. See if you can understand what your child’s concerns are, and try to explain how you see things. Just dating for a long time does not give your friend the right to your property and assets. If you plan to move in with your friend, then your property and money may ultimately be affected. In addition, not all laws give that term the same meaning.

The station also broadcasts a Punjabi language format on a Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation frequency.

You need to be wary of fraudsters who may see your trust and desire for companionship as a way to get close to you and then try to scam you financially.

In year one, 0,000 was raised for the Pediatric Oncology Unit; in year two, EZ Rock and her sister stations raised 0,000 for Research.

The station was also known for the "EZ Rock Christmas Party for Single Parent Families" where families in need are treated to a very special Christmas.

The Fall 2011 BBM Canada ratings book has the station up to #11 with a 4.9 share.

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