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Meanwhile, Adam goes to Anthony's apartment in retaliation and is immediately recognized as Anthony by the apartment concierge, who lets him in without the keys but also desperately asks if 'Anthony' could take him back to the underground sex club again.

Inside the apartment, Adam finds a framed photo on a shelf, which looks like the one he had found earlier in his own house, but now the photo is intact, and the woman is revealed to be Helen.

She mistakes Adam's voice for Anthony's and tries to playfully banter with him, but Adam insists he is not Anthony.

This frightens Helen, and Adam abruptly ends the call.

Helen later confronts Anthony about the phone call and Adam's existence, but Anthony insists he knows nothing about Adam.

Unconvinced, Helen researches Adam, discovers the college where he teaches, and seeks him out.

Adam asks Helen if she is doing anything that night and tells her that he's going out, but she doesn't respond.

However, she conceals her suspicions to Adam and asks him to join her in bed, pretending as though she has not noticed the switch.

Anthony plots to accuse Adam of having sexual relations with Anthony's wife so that he can shame and manipulate Adam to give up his time with Mary over the weekend.

Anthony demands Adam's clothes and car keys in order to get things even by taking Mary out for a romantic weekend getaway.

The next day, Anthony follows Adam and sees Adam's girlfriend, Mary, whom he finds attractive.

He starts following her to work on his motorcycle, wearing a dark helmet so she cannot see his face.

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