Euro union dating scam

In other cases, the scammers may claim that their scam message is from a real lottery entity such as the UK’s National Lottery.Again the scammers use the names and details of these lottery entities without their permission or knowledge.If you agree to buy it, after the inspection period, the ownership is changed to your name and the payment will be sent to me.You will not have to pay any fees regardless of your decision.”He did not ask for money. But, like so many things today, simple, mundane tasks have become prime targets for fraud artists around the globe.The further this reporter engaged with the seller, the more convoluted the con became — and the more it revealed about the new lengths fraudsters are stretching as they try to convince people to part with their money. Canadian Forces Base Halifax is an actual military outpost.The private ad looked simple enough: “my wife wants to sale (sic) her explorer to get a smaller SUV.” The price tag was a reasonable ,050 and the ad claimed the vehicle had 90,211 kilometres on it. It’s home to the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, has been in operation since 1906 and is the country’s largest military base in terms of number of personnel posted.This reporter emailed back — at first expressing genuine interest — and the seller replied claiming he was in the military stationed at Canadian Forces Base Halifax, but would be shipping out to join “Operation Impact” in the Middle East for a year. Operation IMPACT is also a real military operation ongoing in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. According to Rachel Jolicoeur, director of fraud prevention and partnerships at payment processing firm Interac, giving the fake seller a high-ranking title in the military is an important part of setting up the fraud.“Why does it matter that this guy is a person of authority?

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Be wary of any message in any format that claims that your name, phone number or email address has been randomly selected as the winner of a substantial prize. If you receive such a scam message, do not reply or respond to the scammers in any way.Send Name, Address & Winning Pin (US42W7) to [Address removed]Text back to chat OR reply “!leave” to exit Advance fee scammers now commonly use phone text (SMS) messages as well as email and social media messages as a means of gaining new victims.Instead, he asked for a name, mailing address (to determine where the vehicle should be sent) and an email address to forward to the company through which he claimed to be selling the car.Within hours of providing the info, this reporter received an email from someone named “Keira Watson” who worked in the “Vehicle Inspection Department” at a company called WXX Stormonth Logistics.

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