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And I just worked hard and smart, and I honestly don’t think I could’ve made this show a couple years ago.

The comedian exactly what people feel when they watch TV nowadays.

Writing for my own show would be one thing, but I don’t really have an interest, other than for a friend or a really cool project, in sitting in a writers’ room and writing for someone else. Someone will be like, “Oh, have you tried stand-up?

” and you’re like, “Yeah, I’ve tried, and I’ve bought a house with that money.” One art form doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good in another art form or recognized in one, so it’s a real mindfuck for lack of a better term. Even just from an appreciation standpoint, you go to a club, you’re there for the weekend, they pick you up in a car, your fans come. Is it tough to find good roles for women in comedy? I think people are starting to realize that women are just as funny. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of unfunny women, but there’s also plenty of unfunny guys. Pretty much everything I read is, “You’re the quirky neighbor who just wants to have sex and doesn’t understand relationships.” I’m like, I don’t really know a ton of women like that, but OK. One network will get a show that’s a hit so every network will copy it. You look around at movies and TV shows, and women are getting more of a chance to give their opinions, and I think that’s great. To keep up to date on Iliza, you can follow her on Twitter at Twitter.com/Iliza, where, amongst other things, you can view daily pictures of her freakishly adorable dog Blanche.

Shlesinger discussed her latest endeavor, how success as a stand-up comic hasn’t necessarily translated to success in auditioning for acting roles and fetishist Google searches in the following interview. Even though it’s a late night show, in some places it’s syndicated at 4 in the afternoon, and it’s like, really? Last night, I made a gay joke on the show, and they kept that in, but I’m not allowed to say, “douche bag.” It’s like, OK, let’s offend the gay community, but not douche bags. I don’t think I look like Jenny Mc Carthy at all, but it’s funny how things come full circle. You’re going to get creepy guys and gold diggers and douche bags no matter where you go or what you do, so the fact that we condense that world down to 19 minutes and put it on display, I’m not disheartened or anything like that. I look for very specific things in mates, and I don’t think I’ve found it on my show, so I don’t like to judge them because different people like different things. I find a lot of times for stand-up comics, you write because it’s a gig that you can get that you’re good at, but if you had your druthers, you’d write for yourself or do your own thing. And then the next day, when you go out on an audition for like girlfriend No.

When I Googled your name, the second thing that popped up was “Iliza Shlesinger feet.” I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that. Has the show affected your views of the dating pool or the dating scene? I’m trying to be as political about this statement as possible []. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve never had to take any sort of job in comedy that I didn’t want because of these small successes that I’ve had. 3, you walk in the room and no one knows who you are.

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