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At this time he investigated ' Egypt over the Border', the frontier sites between Egypt and Canaan.He excavated a series of sites on the lower reaches of the Wadi Ghazzeh, Tell Jemmeh, Tell Far'a, Tell Ajjul, and Sheikh Zowayd.The problem with gaining an understanding of the Predynastic comes from the lack of written records to produce factual knowledge of that time period.We all know that it’s difficult to understand the form and use of objects of prehistoric times because of their lack of abundance and because the user of that time is not present to explain its use.

Sir William Mathews Flinders Petrie was the man responsible for taking the first steps towards making archaeology the scientific discipline it is today.

In his youth, he began studying coins and weights as a boy.

With his father he took up surveying, modifying available instruments to make them more precise.

Piazzi Smyth, he went to Egypt in 1880 to survey the pyramids of Gizeh.

Petrie's measurements proved that Piazzi Smyth's theories were based on a logical fallacy, but he had become 'hooked' on the archaeology of Egypt.

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