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Here's what I did: protected void Form View1_Item Updating(object sender, Form View Update Event Args e) For some reason, ASP.

NET seems to automatically cast the string in the Enum Type Property to Enum Type before putting it in the property.

I'm using Object Datasource in combination with a Formview. I have a business object property which I can't update through the normal binding since it's a custom enum type.

I managed to access the buinsess object through the Form View.

I used this example because it is the simplest one with only 3 fields. and fields in Data Key Names will automatically provide these parameters for you along with relevant "original_filedname" value so you don't have to add extra Parameters. I'm still getting the same message regarding the empty dictionary.

Other forms have too many fields to be conveniently managed via a gridview. The Grid View at the top of the form is used for viewing the different rows and selecting a particular row to edit or delete, and the Form View at the bottom is used for the actual Edit and Delete as well as Insert. Do you have an example form (aspx/aspx.cs) that uses Compare All Values that works that you can email me so I can try and duplicate the methodology?

="DELETE FROM [security_role] WHERE (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_cd])) = @original_security_cd) AND (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_description])) = @original_security_description) AND ([role_id] = @original_role_id)"="UPDATE [security_role] SET [security_description] = @security_description, [role_id] = @role_id WHERE ((LTRIM(RTRIM([security_cd])) = @original_security_cd)) AND (LTRIM(RTRIM([security_description])) = @original_security_description) AND [role_id] = @original_role_id"I set the parameters to the new values for Insert, old values for Delete and old and new (except for primary key, which is read-only) for Update.

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NET does not make the Data Item available in the On Inserting, On Updating events.

In other words, if that value were, say, "Admin", would Size = 5?

And which attribute would show the value (old value in this case)?

Based on all that, and since I'm coding that stuff anyway, would you recommend that I switch from using Sql Data Sources to Object Data Sources and better encapsulate the data access code, which would make transition to 3 tier easier anyway?

Thank you again for your help and I hope this all helps others having the same problem as well.

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