Formview itemupdating newvalues empty

The formview shown in my request is our simplest page.

We have already see that we can get results from one control at a time with the findcontrol method, but this is what we were already doibng with conventional pages, not using the formview, and it is highly complicated as each type of control has to be handled a different way (for text boxes, .checked for check boxes, .selected Value for combos and many others).

If so, do I need to bind it to a hidden field or something like that?

Is that because I haven't bound "m Logo" to any controls in the edit Item Template?

Edit Item Template) [this is for edit / update - for insert, use Insert Item Template here] This will call - - - Public Sub Get Values(By Val form View As Control, By Val item Template As IBindable Template) If Not (item Template Is Nothing) Then Dim Item Name as string, Item Value as string For Each entry In item Template.

The Problem: An Object Data Source is sending over a (basically) empty data object when calling the update method by means of a Form View.

This leads to thousands of lines of code tro handle all our edit forms.

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To jacko72: thank you for this suggestion but it does not really help.First, it is important that the databind to the datatable is not used on page load except with "If Not Me.Is Post Back" - otherwise it reloads the original datatable when you postback, and you lose the new values.If I bind Text Box control directly to property by Bind(), nulls are inserted well.Also if values are different from null, everything works fine.

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