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It's still exciting to watch those first touches and the get-to-know-you game, but, it's just not the same as a pick up would be in a normal bar, or nightclub.

I told my wife I would really like to watch her get picked up by a man in an ordinary bar/nightclub and watch from a distance, without him knowing I was there, until it was time for the main event.

The rest of the lounge area was carpeted floor with tables and chairs.

In the back corner of the lounge, in front of the bar, was an elevated area with a railing along the front, and this area had several more tables in it.

One of the things I like most about sharing her, is that build up, the initial period of time between that moment when she actually meets the man for the first time, (and they begin to get to know each other), before they end up actually having sex.

It's the flirting game, the first touches, the getting acquainted part that I LOVE to watch!

Then she could tell the man I was there and that this would be a 3some, and hopefully he would be OK with that!

She was willing to give it a try, so we set out to find a place where we could do it.

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This is OK, but, a man in a swingers club knows what is going on and what kind of woman he is picking up right from the start.

We were careful not to be seen walking around together because the lobby, restaurant, and general hotel was full of business men coming and going and we didn't want any of the potential bar patrons from tonight, to remember having seen us together earlier in the day.

That evening, about 7PM, I was going to dress in a casual suit, (no tie), and go down to the lounge.

The bar was an oval shaped bar that had stools all the way around it.

There was a dance floor at one end of the lounge in front of a small stage where they had live musical performances on weekends.

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