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I've used these on various UK sites but also used it for a Brazzers week long membership.

I know these vouchers are not available in the US but you may want to see if a similar scheme is available on some sites. ','[url=]Joining porn site without credit card? [/url]','');return false;" I know that will take a check (written to their legal name Cybernet Entertainment LLC) sent to 1800 Mission St., San Francisco, CA (I don't have the zip handy but it is obtainable from

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Thanks in advance for your help Altered title slightly for new forum location Topic Moved by - Jonny Jay on Oct 31 2012Topic Moved by - flash on Jun 7 2016Joining porn site without credit card?

','[url=]Joining porn site without credit card? [/url]','');return false;"Joining porn site without credit card?

The card I use is Master Card® from a company called Kalixa which I've used for Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, and various VOD services amongst many others sites.

I'm not sure if this info is any use to you but here (UK) we can buy vouchers from almost any news agent, they're called UKash vouchers which come in two forms, under 18s and over 18s.

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