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Old Town Fort Collins is lined with nature, tourist, cooking, retail and novelty and confectionery shops.There are a variety of restaurants (over 84 of them, actually) to provide a taste for any craving, and countless places to dine outdoors.From the intersection of College and Mountain Avenues, the heart of Fort Collins, you can walk three blocks in any direction and find something to satisfy your appetite and wallet.

Downtown Fort Collins also has its very own Creative District which was put in place to serve as a hub for creative economic activity, which in turn enhances the area as a desirable place to live and visit.Learn More Searching for something to do tonight, or this weekend in Fort Collins?Our local Fort Collins community calendar and Weekly Happenings newsletter will keep you updated with the latest events,...Downtown Fort Collins offers an abundance of activities during the day and in the evening.As a college town, the nightlife scene is a bustling, there is a vibrant mix of art, culture, dining, craft beverages, and live entertainment as well.

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