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It’s safe to say that not much surprises us in the world of dating these days, but according to Amelia Dimoldenberg, “Whoever said romance is dead has never been on a date to Chicken Cottage”.Amelia, or “the girl in the video with Chabuddy G” as she jokingly claims many refer to her as, is the 23-year old at the helm of hit You Tube series Chicken Shop Date.I was super interested and wanted to know more about the music.

It was great to meet all these different people who were interested in mainly music, and fashion, but the music side of it was really what caught my attention as they were all listening to grime.

I started Chicken Shop Date when I was back in college.

I remember getting an email from one of my tutors about this youth club called The Cut that was making a magazine as part of its programme.

Because, whatever was happening was funny, just this little blonde girl in a chicken shop, with, like, Stylo G.

It was just a weird situation and super awkward and it was just like how the show’s filmed now, but I was so nervous filming it.

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