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17 March 2003 Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says Canada will not join a war against Iraq without United Nations support. Walter Leja receives the George Medal for bravery in dismantling FLQ bombs in Montreal. Stedman becomes the RCAF’s first director general of air research.

I bird Gabriel Dumont Park because it’s a beautiful spot with a panoramic view of the magnificent South Saskatchewan River.

My favorite time of year is autumn, when the foliage turns color and fall migrants refuel on the abundant berries and bugs before resuming their journeys south.

— Gabriel Dumont Park protects native trees, grasses, and other plants along the South Saskatchewan River. A reliable viewing spot for American White Pelicans from spring to mid-September.

A riverside marsh was added in 2000, and the major work was completed in 2001.

It is now an esthetically pleasing, bird-friendly natural area.

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