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( Archives/1981/07/JUL 17.pdf) The rodeo that year drew 10,000 people; in 1982, when comedienne Joan Rivers served as grand marshal, more than 20,000 attended, despite ongoing anti-gay protests.

By 1983, however, the AIDS epidemic had come to Nevada, which provided a potent new weapon for the Independent American Party, its newly formed anti-gay Pro-Family Christian Coalition, the Patriots to Normalize Reno, and various other Christian and politically conservative hangers-on.

Inspired by what was happening in ordinarily conservative Nevada, gay rodeo associations were founded in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wyoming.

In 1985, the International Gay Rodeo Association [IGRA] was founded, and the phenomenon of gay rodeo became a rich part of gay culture in the U. As popularity of the National Reno Gay Rodeo increased, so did conservative backlash in the state.

I'm strongly opposed to queers using public property. If left unchecked, like cancer, it will destroy the body politic.

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But in January 1992 a group of rodeo fans in Las Vegas established the Southern Nevada Gay Rodeo Association, which incorporated on June 19, 1992 as the Nevada Gay Rodeo Association [NGRA] and adopted the Backstreet Saloon--Charlie's, at the time of this writing--as its home bar.It wasn't until 2004 that the gay rodeo returned to Reno under the sponsorship of the High Sierra Rodeo Association, and in 2006, hosted the IGRA Rodeo Finals.A few years ago, a 23-year-old single guy posted in a Reno discussion forum seeking advice on where to meet people in town.Ragsdale approached the Washoe County Fairgrounds manager and the earliest date the facility was available was October 2, 1976.In the months prior to that date, Ragsdale tried renting livestock for the rodeo from Reno area farmers and ranchers, but when he admitted the event was being sponsored by the Reno gay community, every farmer and rancher he approached—nearly three dozen of them—refused to rent their animals.

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