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In Georgia, especially Fulton County, the quality of sexual health education is severely lacking.

The Atlanta Youth Research Coalition (AYRC) — a group of 12 teens from metro Atlanta working with public health leaders at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health — conducted research last spring and found that systemic sexual health education — sex ed — improvements are needed for metro-Atlanta teens.

Very few of us were able to attest to having an adequate sex ed.

Most of us were able to identify a person in our lives suffering the impact of a lack of sexual health education.

We also conducted two focus groups with Fulton County students.

One was held at Emory University and consisted of high school students that resided in Fulton County, while the other was held at the @Promise Center, a center opened by the Atlanta Police Foundation on Atlanta’s West side.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta approaches, more attention is being focused on the issue of child sex trafficking.

Patch is committed to covering this international plague with a focus on local efforts to combat the crime.

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