Going dutch in dating

The interesting part is that these are generally the women I had the least chemistry with or gave the least effort.

You can move the coffee date to a restaurant if it’s going well, or just make the best of it, and be honest.I practice kindness, and I’ve told many people “hey - I had a great time, but I didn’t feel the chemistry there”.It’s taken a lot of the pressure off me (and them) in regards to managing expectations - I’ve even made several new friends because we had things in common, but didn’t jive in the romance department.A short thing like meeting for coffee or to talk in a park (during nicer weather) is a lot less expensive and awkward for everyone. But if they don't, it's easier to get away.It would also screen out the people who just want a free meal. But I find they typically want to get a table, order food and I don't want to sound like an asshole and say, NO! I had a date once who decided she wanted Tonto somewhere else and when we sat down the menu was absurdly overpriced.

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